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Two organizations dedicated to

Advancing the Unitary Science of Caring for Nursing Praxis

The International Association for Human Caring and

The Society of Rogerian Scholars

are having a joint conference in

Boston, MA

June 8th - 10th, 2016.

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Opening Keynote                 Society of Rogerian Scholars                      Closing Address
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Marlaine Smith, PhD, RN, FAAN    Violet Malinski, PhD, RN     Jean Watson, PhD, RN, FAAN  





Two organizations = one wonderful conference!

Update from the President

Dear  Members,

The International Association for Human Caring has recently entered into partnership with Allen Press, Inc. to produce the International Journal for Human Caring. We are excited about this new venture and the benefits it will bring to our readers and contributors in the coming year. Some of these benefits include an online automated submission and peer review system called PeerTrack that will help streamline the process for publishing in the journal and an online journal hosting platform called Pinnacle.

In the wake of our decision to cease providing the International Journal of Human Caring in hardcopy format, we felt it was important to implement a more robust platform for journal access online. The new Pinnacle platform will allow for seamless institutional access via IP range and Trusted Proxy Server and will also give library administrators the ability to manage their account information directly and receive COUNTER compliant reports for usage statistics.

We also have plans to join CrossRef so that we may begin to implement DOIs, ensuring persistent linking for articles as well as an increased ability to track citations. All of these changes are now in progress and should be completed within the next 6 – 8 weeks.

The International Journal of Human Caring has long been a trusted resource for nurses and other disciplines interested in the advancement of caring and caring science. It is the only international journal with a focus on caring science related to health, human relationships, and improvement of the human condition. We are enthusiastic about the changes coming in 2016 and hope you will be pleased with the improved access that comes from our new online journal hosting platform.

In peace and caring,

Nancey E.M. France, PhD, RN, AHN-BC                                Zane Robinson Wolf, PhD, RN, FAAN

President, International Association for Human Caring           Editor-in-Chief, International Journal for Human Caring

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23 Dec 2015 8:47 AM • Peter Metsker

About us

In 1978, the National Caring Research Conference was conceived and initiated by Dr. Madeleine Leininger. The annual conference was designed to gather scholars together to share ideas, research, and theories of care and caring.

The core philosophy of the association is based on the belief that caring is the essence of nursing and caring is the unique and unifying focus of the profession.

The national organization began in 1987 through the generosity of 42 charter members. In 1989, with the encouragement of nurses from around the world, the conference association was changed to the International Association for Human Caring (IAHC) Inc.

The central purpose of the IAHC, Inc. is to serve as an international, scholarly forum for all nurses interested in the advancement of the knowledge of human care and caring within the discipline of nursing. In 1993, Drs. Leininger, Delores Gaut, and Malcom Mac Donald produced a video outlining the history and growth of the Association. In 1994, Dr. Leininger established the Leininger Research Scholarship Fund to assist in the financial support of nurse researchers studying the phenomenon of human care and caring.

Upcoming events

No upcoming events

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Some of the Member benefits include:

  • Complimentary subscription to four issues of the International Journal for Human Caring.
  • Participation in quarterly Circle of Caring Teleconferences related to caring scholarship and updates on the organization
  • Reduced Annual Conference Registration Rate
  • Reduced Watson Caring Science Institute Conference registration rates.
  • One Hour conference call, or on site visit with an IAHC caring scholar.  Contact us for details.


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Caring... The Essence of Nursing




The International Association for Human Caring (IAHC) provides the forum for discovery and dissemination of caring science.



Members of the IAHC believe:

  • Caring is the human mode of being
  • Caring is the essence of nursing and the moral imperative which guides nursing praxis (education, practice and research)
  • Caring is both spiritual and human consciousness that connects and transforms everything in the universe  Caring in nursing is action and competencies which aim toward the good and welfare of the others
    Caring in nursing is a special way of being, knowing and doing with the goal of protection, enhancement and preservation of human dignity
  • Care is culturally diverse and universal and provides the broadest and most important means to study and explain nursing knowledge and nursing care practices.


The goals of the IAHC are to:

  1. Identify major philosophical, epistemological and professional dimensions of care and caring to advance the body of knowledge that constitutes nursing.
  2. Assist nursing and other disciplines to use care and caring knowledge in human relationships and to facilitate the application of this knowledge to transform organizational systems in which nurses function to become care-focused.
  3. Explicate the nature, scope, and functions of care and caring and its relationship to nursing.
  4. Identify the major components, processes and patterns of care and caring in relationship to nursing from a transcultural nursing perspective.
  5. Stimulate nurse scholars and other professionals world-wide to systematically investigate care and caring and to share findings with colleagues at an annual research conference.
  6. Disseminate knowledge through refereed publications and public forums.
  7. Maintain an organization with elected officers and paid members for the purpose of maintaining a network of scholars.


Address: P.O. Box 6703 * Grand Rapids, MI  49516


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